Swords - Prophetic world
by Rob Steward
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This word is given with the purpose that intercessors, prayer warriors, gate keepers and prayer and cell groups, intercede for mercy and grace to be extended to us.

 Yet and at the same time for revival not only Spiritual but also economic, governmental revival and Spiritual change in the atmosphere over our Country and Nation... On Wednesday 14th June I received word to pray as a great shaking is coming to our Country. I also believe that this would be the 3rd natural disaster in South Africa this year. (I believe we have already seen two disasters, the storms in Cape Town and the fires in Knysna)

I wrestled with this word until Sunday 17th June when I received the confirmation during worship at Choose Life Church in Pretoria. Isaiah 24: 1 dropped into my spirit:

“Behold, the LORD will empty the earth and make it desolate, and he will twist its surface and scatter its inhabitants.”

Following this the worship leader reads from Acts 16: 25 and 26:

“About midnight Paul and Silas were praying. ‘They were also singing hymns to God...Suddenly there was a powerful earthquake. It shook the prison from top to bottom. All at once the prison doors flew open. Everybody’s chains came loose”.

I sense we are not to fear the coming shaking but rather to intercede into its purpose which is mentioned above.

“First in the Spirit then the manifestation in the physical” I sense Uncle Angus prayer day was the Spiritual manifestation and following this will come a great shaking manifesting in the physical and atmosphere change bringing with it blessing upon blessing, favour, mercy and grace.

I sense the shaking will ignite a revival right across this Nation and will bring with it a renewed hunger for our Father. Increased Angelic activity and spiritual encounters. A hunger for prayer and the things of the Lord. Churches that seek the Father will experience visitations from the Holy Spirit in a “new move of the Spirit of God’ a move demonstrating the Father's love for His children”. I also see individuals experiencing breakthroughs that have been long delayed, business opportunities and foreign investment increasing, changing the economic atmosphere. Repentance upon repentance and an experience of the fear of God and a drawing nearer. I believe next two to three years are in focus as this shaking will spread far and wide.

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