Gave us the Promise

After 2 miscarriages in almost 3 years, we decided to go see Rob to pray for us. It was a Sunday night, 30 Aug 2015, when God spoke to us through Rob, saying that I will fall pregnant with a bouncy baby in 2 weeks time and carry full term, so we went home with the promise. We found out I was pregnant in the middle of Oct and according to the Doctor the due date was 1 Jul 2016. We were super excited!

My husband went to Doha to go work there in the beginning of Feb 2016, and on the 12th the doctor told me that our baby tested positive for Down Syndrome. I wasn't worried at all, as so many tests were wrong before. She sent me for a Fetal Assessment and the test was positive again. My husband and I were shocked and heartbroken. We refused to accept it and I asked Rob again to pray for us. We accepted God's healing hand over our baby and kept faith for a health baby. I developed HELPP syndrome on the 12th of Jun and our little girl was born on the 13th at 8h10 via an emergency c-section. Unfortunately my husband, who was still in Doha, missed the birth, as we were so sure that she will come on the 1st of Jul, which according to the Doctor would have been full term, just as God promised.

So I asked God that week why she was born earlier and I went back to date he gave us the promise: Sunday, 30 Aug 2015, + 2 weeks = Sunday, 13 Sep 2015, + 9 months (full term) = 13 Jun 2016 God kept his promise and blessed us with a healthy bouncy baby named Lily-Ann Gresse and she is turning 1 tomorrow! We are beyond blessed!- Li-Jean and Henry Gresse

Power of Prayer

Part of Swords Ablaze ministry is to minister in to select Businesses. Last month I visited Pick n Pay Morning Side Johannesburg, being one of the businesses I minister to every month. On entering, one of their floor managers approached me thanking me profusely for having prayed for him on my previous visit. "You wont believe how you carried my family and I. You see my mother in law passed away the very next day. O gosh I thought what a terrible thing to be thanking me for...But quickly realized that he was genuinely grateful as tears began to stream down his face. I hugged him, prayed again and moved on upstairs to prayer with the owners of the store. When I entered the office I told them what happened they immediately said but Rob there is more to the story. They proceeded to tell me what had happened.

The day I prayed for this manager I was already half way out of the store when Holy Spirit said to me stop!, turn around and go back and pray for that young man you just passed. It was the floor manager that I had prayed for. In obedience to the instruction I turn and went back and prayed for him. They went on to say after the mother in law had pasted away he was given compassionate leave for 2 weeks. On his return he approached the owner telling him that he now goes to Church and is loving it. In fact he said my whole family now goes to Church but it is not a Church like you guys would go to. O' said the store owner and what Church is that. Well he answered we have a band, we clap hands, we all born again, we dance and my whole family were baptized last week as well. The owner laughed as he told me the story wonderful and faithful God is when we obey that still small voice. Don't you just love Him?- Rob Steward

Johannes Jacobsz

Johannes 30 years old developed heart complications and intense chest pains. A Cardiologist determined he had two narrowed arteries and would need stents. He attended the meeting in August. His condition was called out from the stage. He came to the front for prayer and healing.

Rob instructed him to remove his jacket and cast it to the side as a prophetic act he did so and was slain in the Spirit for over 30 minutes. On the 6 of September he visited his cardiologist who's exact words were, "If I had to show your ECG scans of today to any Cardiologist in the entire South Africa they would tell me that you never had a heart issue at all. There is no eveidence of previously narrowed arteries. All the Glory to God.

God Provides

On 12 June I came to the healing service together with my niece, Kutazwa who was visiting us for a week from Welkom. You had a beautiful encouraging message for her which was confirmed the next day. You said she would work with children. And indeed she was called for an interview at a college. This Friday she will start working there!! Glory be to God. - Noma Quase