Meet Rob Stewart

He lives by faith in accordance with Philippians 4v19
Rob runs worship, healing and prophetic evenings in Pretoria South Africa

Swords Ablaze International is an Itinerant ministry initiative under the guidance of Rob Stewart and is based in the City of Centurion South Africa.

Born in the northern regions of South Africa and as a farmer’s son he has an intimate knowledge of the land, it’s people, the diverse cultures and traditions. It’s deep history and the sufferings of man’s inhumanity to man during the apartheid years that so deeply scarred the soul of this nation. As South Africa faced its greatest challenge Rob was part of a dynamic national prayer group that prayed in the miraculous transformation of South Africa. By the hand of God, civil war mayhem and destruction was avoided as peaceful elections followed the birthing of the "Rainbow Nation" as our own Bishop Tutu aptly calls it.

Rob's meetings are known for Glory Zone encounters where miracles, signs and wonders manifest spontaneously. The signature scripture over his meetings is 1 John 5:18 "When you are walking in love and obedience the devil cannot touch you" (Paraphrase)

Rob is also called to unite the Prophets of our Land to speak with one voice over South Africa. To speak the will of our Father for this great Nation South Africa. Unity in God's House, Blessing, Prosperity, Peace, Mercy and Grace.

Rob has ministered in many countries in Africa. God has gifted Rob with the power gifts of prophecy, healing, miracles, signs and wonders. He is also an accomplished motivational and conference speaker.

He lives in Centurion South Africa with his wife Sharon and their kids Coral and Terri-Lynn.