Our Projects

Early followers saw this power as a result of Jesus' prayers. Remember, they flocked around with, "Lord, teach us to pray!"
Green Bowl

The Green Bowl Ministry is a feeding program that currently feeds 200 children. The program is designed to feed a child from the ages of 1 year to 12 years old.

Touch Projects

This Ministry was born out of the need to clothe and help the poor. Touch currently distributes clothing, school stationery, blankets, pots and pans and shoes to children of Africa. Touch was founded in 2008 by Terri-Lynn Stewart Rob’s daughter and has clothed and provided for thousands of children already.

300 prophets

During September of 2015 whilst in prayer, Rob sensed the call of Father God to summons the Prophets and Kings with the clear mandate from Jeremiah 6 verse 16 to bring restoration of the Lord God Almighty to our Nation South Africa.